Auction Blockades

Every week, foreclosed homes are sold at auctions throughout the five boroughs of New York City.  Many of the families who live in these homes were victims of predatory loans and deceptive banking practices, but now face imminent evictions from some of the biggest culprits of financial fraud in the banking and mortgage industry. Others will have their house bought out by speculators, who are looking to flip properties, or gentrify new neighborhoods.

O4O aims to protect the communities most affected by this kind of vulture profit-making.  We are currently engaged in a campaign to bring a moratorium on all foreclosures in New York City… through the power and beauty of communal song.  It’s the best new thing in the world today:

So come join us in our ongoing efforts to end unjust foreclosures and evictions!  Let’s raise our voices and sing:

Listen Auctioneer,
All the people here,
We’re asking you to hold all the sales right now.
We’re going to survive but we don’t know how.

En Espanol:
El Pueblo esta aqui,
Para Reclamar,
El derecho de poder vivir en Paz,
No vamos a dejar que nos roben mas!

(lyrics: Luke Nephew)

- To join us in our actions, check out our calendar page for dates and details.  We have trainings scheduled before all of our blockades, and those dates will be announced on our calendar page soon.
- To organize an auction blockade in your own community, check out our training manual below or download it here.

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