December 6th is just the beginning…

Right now–on this December 6th, 2011–individuals and families across the country are banding together to resist the system of organized greed that has tried to evict us from our homes, from our communities, from our democracy.

We are marching on streets with foreclosed and abandoned properties, liberating homes, and occupying vacant spaces in a loud proclamation of the human right to housing.

We are envisioning a better future and a different paradigm–and to do that, we are working together–as a collective of teams–bringing to bear all of our skills, talents, and abilities to reclaim foreclosed homes and vacant spaces, to make those spaces homes for the homeless and the evicted, and to rebuild our communities and our sense of allegiance and love towards one another.

December 6th is just the beginning.  Join us and bring your skills, talents… all of yourselves to bear on building a better future:

Join O4O at our next general meeting:  Dec. 19th at 7PM at the Catholic Worker, 55 E 3rd St, New York, NY

Join a team and get to work!

  • Eviction Watch – mobilize support to prevent evictions at foreclosed homes and squats

  • Construction – help secure and renovate both foreclosed and occupied vacant housing, and train or be trained by occupants in construction skills
  • Research – identify, through on-site and on-line capabilities, vacant housing that could and should be transformed into homes
  • Admin/Fundraising – raise funds to secure tools and construction materials to support our construction team [Team Meeting tomorrow at 7PM at EarthMatters Cafe (177 Ludlow Street, New York, NY)]
  • Media/Communications – help O4O broadcast its message, make media and craft a different narrative for housing as a human right
  • Arts – create art in various media that supports, expresses, and enhances the campaign and work of O4O
  • Intake/Screening – outreach to and interview prospective homesteaders in need who are seeking a place to live, identifying capabilities and special requirements and matching them up to suitable venues for occupation
  • Legislative/Legal – help support O4O in its direct actions by providing legal support and build support for legislative efforts which help to facilitate the mission of O4O, e.g., mandated vacant building counts,  “sweat equity” legislation, moratorium on evictions legislation,
  • Academic –
  • Religious – organize support for the mission of O4O within the wider religious community and offering public spiritual support and witness to those engaged in the O4O campaign



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